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Do you have a question that you cannot find the answer to on our website? Please feel free to email us. We will get back to you as soon as possible. If it is urgent you can call us at 631.734.7001.

25180 County Road 48
Peconic, NY, 11958
United States


Sang Lee Farms is a certified organic farm on the North Fork of Long Island. We specialize in Asian Specialty produce, Value-added products made in our certified organic kitchen, and much more.

We sell our products online, in our retail shoppe, at farmer's markets, and through our CSA Farmshare Program.

Ready-To-Eat Mid-Point Survey

Thanks for joining our 2016 Ready-To-Eat Share!  We hope that you have been enjoying our delicious snacks and meals. our csa program is based on sharing products from our kitchen as they are made so that you can enjoy a sampling of the many seasonal specialties that we offer. at the same time, we want to take into consideration your personal preferences as much as possible and therefore ask that you share your thoughts with us.

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You have paid $20 a week for the program, and we have been giving between $23 and $28 worth of items in your share thus far.
What dietary restrictions or preferences do you have or would like to see more of? You may click more than one.
What types of food from our kitchen are you hoping to see more of? You may click more than one.