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Sang Lee Farms is a certified organic farm on the North Fork of Long Island. We specialize in Asian Specialty produce, Value-added products made in our certified organic kitchen, and much more.

We sell our products online, in our retail shoppe, at farmer's markets, and through our CSA Farmshare Program.

Vegan Cilantro Pesto (Organic)

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Vegan Cilantro Pesto (Organic)

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Photo Jun 24, 3 51 41 PM.jpg

Vegan Cilantro Pesto (Organic)


Tangy and fresh flavor goes great on fish, or as a marinade for roasted veggies. (GF, V)

Shipped frozen. May be thawed and re-frozen if desired.

7 oz

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Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil* sunflower oil* cilantro* pine nuts* garlic* lemon juice* salt, black pepper* 
  (*organic)   Contains: nuts