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25180 County Road 48
Peconic, NY, 11958
United States


Sang Lee Farms is a certified organic farm on the North Fork of Long Island. We specialize in Asian Specialty produce, Value-added products made in our certified organic kitchen, and much more.

We sell our products online, in our retail shoppe, at farmer's markets, and through our CSA Farmshare Program.


Four years ago I was diagnosed with stage III breast cancer, and as if that wasn’t enough, one year later I was also diagnosed with stage III colon cancer. When I was first diagnosed I was blessed with the advice of a co-worker and friend, Jill, who recommend that I look into changing my diet. I was a meat and dairy lover who included little to no veggies in my meals. Little did I now at the time, this was slowly but surely taking its toll on my body. Jill swore that changing my diet and eating healthy would change my life. Looking into the face of cancer and with nothing to lose I decided it was worth a shot, after all, my life may have depended on it. I watched the movies Jill recommended and read about CSA’s. In no time I found one in my area, Sang Lee Farms. I quickly became acquainted with the farmers there. When you hear people talk about how you should get to know your farmer, they are not just saying this for their own health, pun intended! They tell you this because it is so important in order for you to both know where your food comes from and for all of the wonderful tips and tricks you learn when you spend time with them.

I signed up to be a member and that first winter when I would ride out to the farm to pick up my share the farmers there would always bring it out to me. They knew I was going through chemo and always asked how I was and if there was anything else they can do to help. They gave me food prep tricks and the soups were so good that on some days that was all I was able to eat!

Each time I went for my chemo treatments the nurses and Dr.’s would say, “you look wonderful, what are you doing? I would say it’s my diet. I began a vegan diet and never looked back. The doctors weren’t convinced that this new diet would help me or my cancer any, but I told them to get use to it, this was how I wanted to contribute to my recovery.

Four years later, my scans are perfect and my blood work is all back to normal! My blood sugar is down from 197 to 73 and I’m down 40 lbs! So far, I no longer take any aspirin for my atrial fibrillation and the pending knee replacement surgery that I was supposed to have is no longer planed in the near future as it may no longer be necessary.

I no longer eat dairy or meat and I love all of the diversity that Sang Lee offers. Through my conversations with them and their informative newsletters I’m learning about all kinds of new vegetables and how to keep and prepare them. I know in my heart I wouldn’t be where I am today have I not changed my diet and found Sang Lee Farms. The day I decided to change my diet, truly changed my life forever, for the better and I couldn’t be happier with that decision and my choice to use Sang Lee Farms! My life did indeed depend it. Eat healthy, stay healthy!
— Elizabeth Lederer

Home grown with tender loving hands

Love love love Sang Lee - organic and safe way to eat - and am trying to prepare healthier pesticide free foods for my family 

Love sang lee, thebest veggies on the Nofo! 

I love our summer share!  Having fresh, local produce at my fingertips all summer and fall is so convenient and makes eating healthy so much easier!

We love to buy local and organic. A local organic farm is priceless! 

Nothing better than fresh, local fruits and veggies, especially organic! 

Friendly staff, great variety of organic foods (we love your heirloom tomatoes and purple carrots! ), food my kids get excited over!!! Not only does my family get to eat your veggies but my kids get to feed their bunny too!! ♡ Eating healthy, supporting local farms, teaching children wholesome goodness! 

You are what you eat so why not eat the best. These are some amazing veggies and I love that we can support Local Farms.


I have had a few CSA's and this was by far my favorite! Fresh veggies grown w care! 

Keeping our local farmers around by buying local. I am truly grateful for where I live. 

Delicious veggies that keep my cooking creative...and such great people!

I love anything Sang lee. The salad dressings and salad mixes are my favorite.

Local good people, producing local good vegetables, for local good people!

What some of our customers have to say about our
weekly winter veggie boxes:

"If you keep eating fresh Organic, It's cheaper than the copay on chemo therapy. If people are concerned they want something cheap, what is going to happen when you're in the hospital with tubes on you! For women its a natural weight loss program. You can eat tons of veggies and not gain any weight and feel good!"
- Christine Shields

"The weekly veggie box gives me an opportunity to cook with fantastic veggies all week in the winter when I wouldn't other wise be able to. It's simple, affordable , and a seamless pickup process."
- Erick Elkins

"The weekly signup is perfect for single person because I can't get through the one box in a week, and the root veggies last for a long time!"

"The variety in the weekly box is amazing, especially in winter when not much is available in the grocery store. There is way more variety of greens and root veggies than i thought there would be!"
-Ariel Spade