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Do you have a question that you cannot find the answer to on our website? Please feel free to email us. We will get back to you as soon as possible. If it is urgent you can call us at 631.734.7001.

25180 County Road 48
Peconic, NY, 11958
United States


Sang Lee Farms is a certified organic farm on the North Fork of Long Island. We specialize in Asian Specialty produce, Value-added products made in our certified organic kitchen, and much more.

We sell our products online, in our retail shoppe, at farmer's markets, and through our CSA Farmshare Program.


Our Mission

Our goal is to provide the highest quality vegetables and exceptional service for all our customers.

  To accomplish this goal we are committed to using Certified Organic Growing Practices with every effort made to farm sustainably and responsibly as stewards of the earth. We will follow the National Organic Production Standards and maintain our certification with NOFA-NY Certified Organic, LLC.  In addition, we will continually strive to improve all our growing practices with each season. 

Growing organically is a dynamic practice. It requires soil maintenance through the application of organic matter, crop rotation, and the planting of cover crops. All of these practices provide essential nutrients for the soil. Our organic certification requires that we submit a seasonal plan that outlines the rotation of our crops each year. It also requires the careful management of pests (weeds & insects) without synthetic pesticides, fungicides or herbicides. 

We use naturally occurring applications for pest control, all of which must be approved by NOFA, who comes yearly to assess, input, and make recommendations. To supplement these natural applications, we release thousands of beneficial insects such as ladybugs and praying mantis. The weeds require constant attention and daily removal to allow our crops to thrive in our healthy soil. We weed mostly by hand – and it takes many hands.  

It has taken a lot of hard work and a strong commitment over the last 10 years to change our farming practices in order to grow organically and to establish an organic farm that is financially viable as well. We believe it is important to the health of the soil and water  in our community to grow food this way and to be stewards of the land for future generations. We believe it is critical to the health and well being of our family and yours to give our bodies the best we can give them - that is organic. 

Having an official certification gives you, the customer, the knowledge and peace of mind that we are indeed growing your food in the most responsible way – Certified Organic.